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August 1

Now that we have your attention, here’s what we actually want to say:

Today marks the one year anniversary of the founding of Motribe. Six weeks from now will mark one year since the launch of the Motribe platform and six months since we hired our first staff member.

A year is a very short time but these last twelve months have moved on like none we have ever experienced. Motribe now has shiny (well, grungy shiny) new offices in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, we have a nice flow of clients, steady user growth and a staff of ten.

Some of our highlights include a wild trip to SXSW in March of this year, business development in New York and London, amazing growth in the emerging markets and some incredibly unique niche tribes that have emerged from out of nowhere (See Juggalo Family if you want to know what I mean). We also find ourselves growing communities for some large and diverse brands in the emerging markets as well as the developed markets and we’re working with some of the most progressive advertising, marketing and digital agencies in South Africa.

During our first year we also picked up some fans, happy users and people who want us to succeed, as an African startup. We are very grateful for this support and we are going to spend the next year improving our platform, helping more people connect with each other and make it even easier to build and manage mobile communities.