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September 13

It has been exactly 12 months today since Motribe went live with the very first iteration of a product that made us very proud. Since that day there have been a lot of changes and growth at Motribe. Today sees another milestone as Vincent Maher is appointed as CTO and Nic Haralambous as CEO of Motribe.

After being live and working on Motribe over the past 12 months both Vincent and I have found a very distinct rhythm within our jobs. This is quite an important part of any startups life-cycle. In the beginning it is imperative that everyone does everything and all hands are on deck all the time.

As Motribe has grown it has become less important that everyone do everything and more important that we all do what we do extremely efficiently and extremely well. This is why the time has arrived for Vincent and I to tackle our specific roles and strengths and not remain as co-founders only. The co-founder tag attached to us is one that we both think is extremely important in terms of ownership of our company but it’s also important for us to move with the growth and take on new roles, experiences and niches within Motribe.

In 12 months the Motribe product has grown in user numbers, clients and mobile community owners. We have a strong presence in more than 15 countries around the world and have managed to grow to over 1.6m users. We have offices in downtown Cape Town and also have an amazing and capable team of nine (the MoTeam) including the co-founders.

Pushing in to a new year, a new phase and new opportunities in the upcoming year is a challenge welcomed by the co-founders.

3 Responses to Motribe appoints CEO and CTO

  1. Justinus says:

    Congrats! Hope you have many more and great job at working on you structure! Looking forward to some great stuff from Motribe!

  2. Nic Haralambous says:

    Thanks Justinus,

    You’re help over the past 6 months has been invaluable.

    Obviously we think Private Property rocks too.

  3. Brendan says:

    Well done guys, we need to do a lunch some time.

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