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April 13

At Motribe we like having fun with code and we love solving problems.  One problem that we keep coming up against is the need for a light-weight and technically hands-off solution for device detection.  To put it another way, something we think bothers our clients all the time is how to have one single URL for a marketing campaign without getting all technical.  That’s why we built Campaign Router and are now making it available to everyone.

Campaign Router is a simple way for marketers and advertisers to promote one web address across many different devices and be sure that all users have a good experience when they land.

The typical situations when you would want to use a service like Campaign Router are:

In addition to these scenarios, you may also want reporting and analytics that will tell you what devices people are using when they respond to your campaign.

Here is a list of the core Campaign Router features for launch:

Its a simple idea for simple problems and we know there are many other ways to do the same thing.  This is how we chose to solve the problem for ourselves a few times and we liked the way it works enough to make it available to everyone else.

Give Campaign Router a whirl and tell us what you think.