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June 8

This week we launched out second Mxit app called MxPix.  The app makes photo sharing and filtering possible for people with feature phones and creates a new way for Mxit users to meet each other.

The app was launched in stealth mode on the South African social network Mxit late on Tuesday afternoon and the growth has been impressive.  Here are some of key stats for the 3 days since it went live:

Signups: 33,245
Photos uploaded: 16,955
Likes: 37,059
Page views: 1,540,944

So far so good.  The app gives users the choice of filters and frames to enhance their photos and here are a few examples of the pictures our users have created so far.


Initially we were a bit worried that applying Instagram-type filters to photos might be a little too hipster for the Mxit community but they have embraced it with more enthusiasm than we expected.  This may be because its really hard to do this kind of thing to photos using a Samsung E250 or a Nokia 3110.

Mark Griffioen, our newly appointed COO, has been heading up the project and the tech was built by Bradley Whittington, our head of dev-ops and Vincent Maher, the CTO.  The technology stack is the same as Motribe’s normal stack: MongoDB for data, Apache and PHP for the application layer and Memcache for in-memory caching.  There is some special magic on the filter servers to allow that group to auto-scale based on the volume of photos that need processing and we use Amazon EC2 and S3 for virtualisation and storage.

There are some plans emerging in the office to do some real-time visualizations using Node.js and the early demos floating about look promising.  We’ll be sure to post them here on our blog as well as any new scaling lessons we learn as we grow. The big marketing push is planned for next week and we’re hoping to better our record of 0 to a million users in 42 days (for Judgeme).

We’ll keep updating you as things progress, let us know in the comments section if you have any questions.