Why we love Ayrshire milk

Woolworths is committed to bringing you the best in everything. Like our exclusive Ayrshire milk and other Ayrshire dairy products.

What makes our Ayrshire different? To begin with, we work with a few, select Ayrshire dairy farmers who are as committed to quality as we are.

Their Ayrshire herds - a breed native to Scotland - spend their days in tranquil green pastures with access to plenty of good food and fresh, clean water.

Like us, our Ayrshire dairy farmers know that contented, healthy cows produce the best quality milk.

We can also trace every bottle back to the farm where it was produced.

We also guarantee that our Ayrshire milk and all the rest of our delicious Ayrshire dairy products are free of the synthetic hormone rBST, which is frequently given to cows to make them produce more milk.

We think quality is more important than quantity. And once you try Ayrshire, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Watch the Ayrshire TV Ad featuring Justin and BIll