The Healing Power of Champagne up for grabs

If you’re looking for an excuse to drink (more) bubbly, we’ve just found it for you. We have 2 copies of the wonderful book, The Healing Power of Champagne to give away!

According to author Reginald Duquesnoy, Méthode Cap Classique is a panacea for many of today’s ills, from migraines to insomnia and even obesity.

Champagne, ‘the beverage divine’, has probably been France’s best 'ambassadeur extraordinaire'.

Elevated to the status of a myth and extravagantly celebrated in print, on canvas, film and through song and dance, it remains a quintessential pillar of French culture. Is it the bubbles?

The visible and audible proof of Baudelaire’s ‘soul of wine singing the song of light and brotherhood’ and sparkling in enchanted crystalline flutes?

Or is it just another facet of the French paradox?

This book reviews one of the longest and exhaustive clinical trials ever undertaken on this most beneficial medicine created by man: wine and in particular, champagne.

This ecumenical beverage has, over the ages, been revered for its great curative properties, which have the capacity to heal and soothe minor ailments, and which will, at the very least, keep body and soul together.

For, besides its many beneficial trace elements and complex molecules, it contains the ultimate salutary active ingredient: ‘joie de vivre.’

To attain the exquisite heights of healing by means of the ‘drink divine’, ‘joie de vivre’ must not be mistaken for the Romanesque pursuit of pleasure in excess.

Contrary to Mark Twain’s assertion that ‘too much champagne is just right’, its medicinal effects express themselves not through guzzling countless bottles of the nectar, but through epicurean finesse and moderation, ‘the silken string which runs through the pearl of virtues.’

To win one of two copies of his The Healing Power of Champagne (Savoir-Boire, R265), simply answer the following question:

Congratulations to Clare-Alice Smith and Laura Franz-Kamissoko. Enjoy your prize!