Win Whispers From A Lebanese Kitchen

Win a copy of Whispers from a Lebanese Kitchen, packed with authentic recipes and evocative photos.

Every family has a story and this one is told through its treasured collection of recipes. It’s also Lebanese – not a cuisine we read about often or taste frequently in restaurants.

Nouha Taouk’s family left Lebanon to live in Australia when their country was on the brink of civil war, and since the age of 10, Nouha has been the “tabbouleh taster” when the women in her family get together to cook.

Today, she captures a style she calls “Lebanese Australia” with recipes passed down from her grandmother and mother, who left her mountainous village in northern Lebanon to join her husband in Sydney.

This is a vibrant family, with each of the women passionate about cooking, and their joy in preparing dishes together comes through in every chapter as they reinvent traditional Lebanese food in a modern Australian setting.

You’ll enjoy the basics – za’atar, kibbeh and kofta – but try the Lebanese pancakes stuffed with pistachios and walnuts, chilli fish with tahini, fig-and-nut balls or sesame-and-peanut slices – healthy snacks for long wintry days.

And you have to try kishk soup. Kishk is a dried granular yoghurt and Nouha takes you through the traditional method of making it.

Don’t judge this book by its cover – it’s full of surprises.

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