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Send us your cocktail recipes using Thunder Toffee Vodka and win one of three bottles of this super spirit.

Everybody has their favourite cocktail, be it a Martini, Margarita or Long Island Ice Tea. But only a select few make the grade when it comes to Thunder Toffee Vodka.

We want you to send us your Thunder Toffee Vodka-inspired cocktail, and the top 3 cocktail recipes will win their creators a bottle of this delicious spirit.


In August 2011 Thunder Toffee Vodka rolled out across South Africa as the craze sweeping Europe touched down in SA. Notoriously popular amongst the colourful skiing fraternity, toffee flavoured vodka mixes have been rife in their experimentation in the bars of the French Alps for decades, but it is not until now that a recipe has been developed that delivers both silky smooth flavour and balance.

Thunder is the culmination of many years of mixing and meticulous preparation to find the perfect consistency of toffee vodka which could be bottled, branded and introduced to this fast growing and discerning market. It is unique in that it is the only toffee vodka free from any additives or preservatives - made from selected triple distilled grain vodka and completely natural toffee syrup.

Quality is paramount, as Thunder recently triumphed with a Gold Medal at the Vodka Masters beating 116 other entrants, and also sauntered away with a Gold Medal at the Spirit Business Magazine Awards. Cook Kikillus (Pty) LTD, are the proud national distributors of this fine product along with CORONA, Mexico’s number one beer and ARMAND de BRIGNAC, the number one tasting Champagne in the world.

Thunder is best served chilled as a shot to balance the warm rich flavours of toffee, and is the perfect partner to your favourite ice cream, or for generously lacing cocktails such as Toffee Apple Martinis or Ginger Ale and Toffee Mojitos with a liquid gold shot of Thunder Toffee Vodka...

The elegant bottle is crafted with super premium design that borrows from the avant-garde Eu De Cologne bottling style of the likes of John Galliano, making for an eye-catching statement.

Thunder Toffee Vodka is the right drink for any occasion – best served chilled, with a touch of imagination....

For more information and delectable recipes visit Cook Kikillus or contact 021 421 9091.


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