6 of the best pizza toppings

Woolworths’ stone-baked pizza bases are made with Italian flour and the dough is hand stretched and stone-baked for that authentic crispness and flavour. Use them as a base for one of these delicious toppings.

1. Caramelise sliced onion with a slug of balsamic vinegar and a spoonful of sugar and spread onto a pizza base. Top with pre-roasted chunks of butternut and whole garlic cloves. Scatter with hunks of blue cheese and walnuts and finish off in the oven.

2. Spread a pizza base with basil pesto and top with mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes before baking.

3. Sauté bite-sized chunks of potato and thyme and use to top a pizza base spread with tomato pasta sauce. Add slices of chorizo and finish in the oven. Top with three softly poached eggs the minute it comes out.

4. Top a pizza base with slices of seared, aged sirloin or fillet steak, boiled and halved baby beetroot and slices of goat’s-milk cheese before baking. Serve piping hot, garnished with fresh rocket.

5. Toss shredded roast chicken leftovers with cream cheese and a scattering of chopped fresh French tarragon. Use to top a pizza base then add a sprinkling of slivered almond and chopped spring onion and bake.

6. Top a pizza base with slices of gooey Camembert, scatter with fresh chopped chilli and plump figs. Add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction and bake. Serve topped with handfuls of fresh rocket or watercress.

Make your own pizza from scratch using a really easy-to-make polenta base: Polenta pizzas with mozzarella, baby tomatoes and rocket

Tip: all these toppings are available from Woolworths when you go to buy the bases.