Orange basil grilled dorado with stir-fried greens

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Serves:   2
Prep time:   10 minutes
Cooking time:   2
Cooking Instructions

Oil and lightly salt the fish. Place it on a cast-iron grill pan, skin side up, then slide under a hot grill until the skin is blistered. Flip the fish, then spoon over some of the dressing. Cook for a minute or two. Lift onto plates (or shallow bowls) and pour over the rest of the dressing. Serve, with the green beans, either hot or at room temperature.
Cook’s tip: Take care not to overcook the fish – it must stay moist to be at its best.
Per serving: 2 102.7KJ, 40.3g protein, 31.9g fat, 9.5g carbs

Wine: Fleur Du Cap Unfi ltered Chardonnay 2005