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Seven weeks in, Motribe launches seven new features

October was a busy month at MotribeHQ and we’re happy to announce that the many conversations we have had with users and customers have translated into usable features. Here are seven of the many features that we have launched over the last seven weeks.

Pro and Enterprise publishers can now create polls for their users to participate in. This new set of features includes a plugin box for network homepages and a reporting system to extract poll results on the Motribe Dashboard.

Export Reports

Publishers can now export activity reports for their networks to CSV for use in their own reporting systems.

Enhanced photo moderation

Networks now feature a more stringent photo moderation process that is driven by the users themselves. There are tighter thresholds for photos reported as abuse and this has increased the quality of the photos published by users significantly since the new system went live.

VIP chatrooms

All users on the networks accumulate points for activity and publishers can now create chatrooms that are only available to users who have a certain number of points or higher. This threshold can be set on the chatroom settings section of the Motribe Dashboard.

Hot photos

On networks, the highest ranked photos for a moving six-hour period are given more space and displayed in their original proportions. This helps users see which photos are popular and the subject of the most discussion.

Info Stream

Networks now have a stream of activity on the home page that highlights the most discussed blog entries and photos and the latest photo uploads. This makes it easier for the users to contextualize the activity and find active areas of the network without looking too hard.

Video hosting

As we mentioned in our announcement in October, Enterprise publishers now have the ability to host and share mobile video files on their networks.

As part of the ongoing development process we’re constantly adding new features and enhancing existing ones based on a combination of customer feedback and our own plans to make networks more valuable to their members. If you have any ideas for new features or enhancements send us an email on support [at] and we will consider them for inclusion in future updates.
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