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June 23

Over the past month Motribe has grown to a team of six.

We are very proud to welcome Robyn, Mark and Ashley to the team.

You can follow them here:

Mark Griffioen - @MobiOki

Robyn Hobson - @robynhobson

Ashley Kleynhans - @ashleykZA

Each of these three bring with them a unique perspective on mobile, client service, business and product development. Motribe is always looking for innovative, talented and driven staff and we’re excited to have Mark, Ashley and Robyn join the team and grow the business.

You can also follow the “old” Motribe employees and co-founders here:

Vincent Maher - @vincent_maher

Nicholas Haralambous - @nicharry

Sean Packham - @seanpackham

One Response to The Motribe team is growing

  1. Justinus says:

    Great going! Charge ahead to 12!

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