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August 18

Find out more about this exciting new announcement from the Motribe technical team

This week we did some big upgrades to our chatrooms for the users who have more powerful web browsers by making the chatrooms and person-to-person conversations refresh automatically.  So far the response from our user-base, which is now at 1.6m, has been positive and we have seen an increase in chat messages since the launch.

Historically Motribe’s development team have put a lot of emphasis on the user experience for feature phones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and some Samsung devices because these are the devices that are big in Africa and South East Asia where the bulk of our users are.  The decision to enhance the experience for smartphones has been brewing for a while and this is the first in a series of enhancements that will bring our functionality in line with most smartphone applications in terms of the responsiveness and richness of the experience.

What does this mean for users?  In the past users would need to manually refresh the page to see if there are new messages posted to chatrooms or as part of a private conversation.  With the real-time updates turned on there is no longer a need to refresh the page, new messages appear at the top automatically.


One Response to Motribe launches real-time chatrooms and private messaging for iOS, Android and Blackberry

  1. Echepops says:

    Where can we download the  app??

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