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September 16

Recently Vincent and I sat with each member of our team and spoke through their concerns, experiences and thoughts about Motribe, their work environment and mindsets.

We learned some interesting things about the way we communicate our vision and goals with our team. With this in mind we decided to start the Motribe Friday Sessions (MFS). Today was the first one, as you can see below:

The first Motribe Friday Session

The amazing apple crumble was provided by Ashley’s wife. Top class.

The session will look like this:

1. MoTeam movie pick: A 5 - 15 minute movie that one of the team have picked for us all to watch. The movie can be anything, as long as the team member explains the reason for choosing it.
2. Specific area of interest: Throughout the week the MoTeam will email through suggestions for topics that they would like us to discuss in the MFS. This can vary from company politics, external issues like the state of the nation (hopefully we don’t have that talk for a while) to internal things like our company strategy, vision, goals, future features, etc, etc.
3. Coffee. No MFS would be complete without our trusty Nespresso coffee.

The first session went well. We didn’t have a video this time round, but in future I’ll try to share the videos that the MoTeam choose.

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