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February 21

Over the past 12 months Motribe has seen strong and steady growth in various key markets. So much so that we decided it was valuable to provide Motribe in a few new languages.

Since day one Motribe’s largest market has been India and in honour of this we’ve added in Hindi to our list of supported languages. We’ve also gone ahead and  added in Swahili and Portuguese. The clear message we are sending is that it is imperative that we support those who support us in the emerging markets. We’re not overlooking our key markets and believe that to gain maximum reach we need to support the native languages of our userbase.

Over the next few months we will be adding more languages to the list of supported languages but for now we feel like 4 languages are a pretty good start.

Users who want to change the language on their communities can simply login to Motribe and scroll down to the footer and select the language that they desire. Right now only one of our communities has Swahili but a network-wide roll-out is on the way.

You can see below the highlighted area with the two new languages available right now to the Motribe users.


Keep an eye out for more languages as we roll them out. If you have any suggestions then let us know.