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April 3

Over the past 18 months the Motribe team has grown in ups and downs (not leaps and bounds really). I am beginning to think this is the typical startup trajectory contrary to public opinion and PR.

Yesterday we had our first staff meeting for April, thankfully just after April fools and this is what our team looked like:

From left to right above: Nic Malan, Robyn Hobson, Mark Griffioen, Ashley Kleynhans, Charl Fourie, Bradley Whittington, Vaughan Newton, Yaseen Hamdulay, Anja Venter (Intern), Vincent Maher (co-founder), Nic Haralambous (co-founder / behind camera).

I am very happy to say that I work with some incredibly smart people who share the Motribe vision and goals.

Come 1 May 2012 we will be growing even more and we’ll soon be looking for more staff to compliment the team.

The motto for our year seems to have emerged for 2012: “Hustle your face off”. That’s us, the MoTeam, hustling our faces off.