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May 11

About 2 months ago I became tired of wearing t-shirts and shorts to work.

Having a penchant for men’s fashion and having acquired a fair amount of formal wear over the years I wanted to rock my formal clothes but with some tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

Since that fateful day Motribe has been kicking ass and taking names on a Friday. We try to keep it as formal as we’re comfortable with. I think we are successfully throwing a finger in the air at the “casual Friday” corporate trend (and yes, I do understand the irony of creating an inverted corporate trend).

Formal Friday’s has gained some traction in the office and today saw parts of MoTeam (those of us in the office) don collared shirts, smart shoes, high-heels (one of us) and high-tops.

Here are the photos with thanks to Ms. Robyn Hobson:

The MoTeam with the photographer (Robyn) in the middle

NicM and Nicharry

MoTeam with Nic in the middle this time

Charl going "Lumberjack-Formal"

NicHarry, NicM and Mark