Quick meals

10 Delicious toppings for pancakes

Everybody loves pancakes, and you don't only have to put sugar and cinnamon on them. In fact, you can make a meal out of them with these great topping or filling ideas.

10 Gourmet snacks for your cocktail party

Celebrate the start of the party season with these gourmet-inspired fingerfoods.

6 of the best pizza toppings

Woolworths’ stone-baked pizza bases are made with Italian flour and the dough is hand stretched and stone-baked for that authentic crispness and flavour. Use them as a base for one of these delicious toppings.

Cooking with beef mince

Mince can be made into a myriad of meals, from Italian to African, American and Mexican. Here are a couple of tricks and tips to get it right.

Create a quick platter of nibbles

Calm the nerves during the game with a quick and easy plate of nibbles. Simply pop in at Woolies, stock up and lay it all out at home.

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