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July 30

In Short

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On 5 March we launched JudgeME on MXit. JudgeME is a fun – and anonymous – way to discover other MXit users. Since its launch, 1.3 million users have installed the app, more than 320 000 photos have been uploaded, and 9.7 million judgments have been handed down. The app continues to provide the MXit audience with a high-quality social discovery tool.

 MXPix – the first five weeks

MXPix is our second 1-million-plus community on MXit, having reached this milestone in just 33 days. Let’s put that into perspective: it took Instagram two months and two days to reach the 1-million-user mark. At its peak MXPix was growing at a rate of more than 150 000 new users in 24 hours. The app has impressive retention numbers, too: of the users who signed up in the first week post-launch, 40% are still using MXPix five weeks later. Most interesting to see, though, has been the high quality of the images that are being uploaded.