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July 31

What does a mobile brand specialist do?
In a nutshell, I help brands understand the importance of a mobile solution that works for both them and their audience. I work with them to find that solution, and am involved in the entire process from strat to finish. See what I did there?

How long have you been with Motribe, and what did you do before this?
I’ve been at Motribe for just over a year. Before this I was a digital account manager at NATIVE.

What’s your biggest challenge right now?
Brands are jumping onto the mobile bandwagon without any clear direction or long-term goals. They’ve fallen into the trap of having a mobile site simply because ‘everyone else does’. They don’t integrate their mobile sites with their existing marketing efforts, and are then surprised when they flounder and yield little impact.

What’s the solution?
Brands need to effectively integrate mobile into their brand-building, and even go as far as making it the focal point. The world is becoming mobile-first…why shouldn’t your strategy follow suit?

What on earth is a dumb smartphone?
A dumb smartphone is a low-cost alternative for emerging markets. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that we’ve come to expect from our smartphones.

What’s mobile in Africa going to look like five years from now?
Africa is a mobile-first market, and the rapid adoption of mobile can only continue. We’re seeing more and more brands realising the importance of a mobile solution, innovative executions and first-mover advantage. It’s going to be an interesting place.